Fiat-Based Baby Jeep Spied Testing

Fiat-Based Baby Jeep Spied Testing

One of the next products slated for an American badge on a Fiat platform was just spied testing.

The camouflage covered body looks like a Fiat 500L, but AutoGuide’s sources say that there powertrain and chassis are bound for life as a small Jeep crossover. Both a Jeep and Fiat version of the vehicle will be built un Turin, Italy.

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Wearing a Fiat bade, it will be called the 500X, while the Jeep name remains a mystery. Expect the vehicle to take on a boxier shape for the off-road Chrysler sub-brand and a rounder shape akin to the 500 line for Fiat. Both will be front-wheel drive based and the Jeep will offer optional all-wheel drive.

GALLERY: “Baby” Jeep Crossover Spy Photos


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  • Jeep Guy

    Holy moly – if they put a Jeep badge on that thing then Fiat is REALLY out to lunch on what the Jeep brand means. I picture old Jeeps using these to rock crawl over to make a point! There is absolutely NOTHING Jeep about this vehicle. Nothing. Wow. This will set them back years. I’ve driven Jeeps for 25 years as my daily driver and off-road adventures and I’m about ready for my next one…and I never thought I’d say this…but…I might actually take a look at other car companies this time around if this is the direction they are headed. Wow. Just wow. Taking an American icon and doing this to it. Words cannot express… RIP Jeep.

  • JimVZ

    Jeep Guy …. I totally agree


    That will be another model, not a Wrangler replacement. Sorta like a Compass or Patriot.

  • Yeah I think the JK I have now will be the one I keep forever. This brand is losing more and more of what it really was years ago. Chrysler is watering it down so much that soon it will just be another car brand.

  • cema

    No, no NO, shit!

  • Marj-UAE

    Horrors! Looks like a Fiat 500 on steroids. I’ll keep my Wrangler Sport – that’s a real baby Jeep.

  • Tree Top flyer

    I hope they don’t “Ugly up”: a Jeep again like they did the “Commander”. What an abysmal abortion. Stick to the formula that has made Jeep famous! In fact, I wish they never stopped making the TJ. Its the best Jeep they ever made!!

  • Aaron Clow

    Doesn’t matter. Some things you just don’t do to the Jeep brand. One of them is badge-engineering a 500 and calling it a Jeep.

  • whatbrand

    You’ll buy another Wrangler. The next one in 2016 will be lighter, more capable, have a turbo diesel option (thanks to Fiat) and will be better all around than the JK. You’ll want one, regardless of whatever else they’re selling to make ends and CAFE standards meet…

  • Joseph Santiago

    If it wasn’t for the Jeep brand, Chrysler would not be in business today. Don’t ruin it!

  • Okfuskeeguthrie

    They badge-engineered a Caliber (which is also the Sebring and the Mitsubishi Lancer) and called it the Patriot and Compass. They badge-engineered the M-, GL-, and R-class Mercedes and called them a Grand Cherokee.

    Like it or not, this has a long history in the Jeep brand. It’s actually these smaller, affordable Jeeps that help keep sales up with a broader buyer base, and also keep CAFE rating in line with government requirements. Jeep/Chrysler/Fiat aren’t stupid, folks. Every Fiat Panda they sell with a Jeep emblem lets them stay in business that much longer to offer us Wranglers.

  • Aaron Clow

    I didn’t say badge engineering was bad. I owned a Saab 9-2X (Saabaru) and it was one of the best vehicles I ever owned. I said you don’t badge engineer a FIAT FIVE HUNDRED and call it a Jeep!! 😉

  • rcb

    And in 15 years when they shelve the brand due to abysmal sales theyll attribute it to a shift in market demand, rather than a failure on their part to understand the brand.

  • notrailrated

    That thing will have trouble getting over speed bumps with tires like you find on a wheel barrow.. if my old J20 truck could take a dump, that is what it would look like…

  • Keith Conover

    Wrong, wrong ,wrong, wrong, WRONG! That thing looks awful; nothing Jeep about it at all. I could see the Wrangler crowd extending the wave to the Compass crowd, in protest of this thing. I hope the media and Jeepers kill this thing in its first year. What’s next, a Jeep branded Neon?! Build us vehicles we want. How about a 3.9 Cummins powered Wrangler, and call it a Super Rubicon? Charge 50k for it, and they will sell faster than Chrysler could build them! Better yet. Just hire me for R&D. We would be very successful together.

  • longhorn

    How about a “REAL” mini Jeep that actually “LOOKS” like a Jeep CJ?

  • Eduardo Quiroz G.

    What a crap!!!!!!

  • Sam Whitman

    Dear jeep- what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • Ryan