Ford Unveils Its Next Five SEMA Cars of Planned 57

Ford Unveils Its Next Five SEMA Cars of Planned 57

Anyone who visits the SEMA show comes to grips with one fact very quickly.

It’s big. Very big. For example, Ford’s booth is 27,000 square feet and the company intends to use that space to showcase 57 customized vehicles. Yesterday, it unveiled three Mustangs that will be on display next month in Las Vegas and today it released images of five special Fiesta hatchbacks that will also be on hand.

They range from purely cosmetic changes to heavy mechanical modifications for enhanced performance. For example, 3dCarbon put a body kit, custom 19-inch wheels and a two-tone red and black interior into a Fiesta, saying it gives the car “European flavor without losing American roots.”2013 Ford SEMA Dreamcase

Ice Nine Group dressed a Fiesta ST up to look like a race car. It wears 17-inch wheels, a vinyl wrap, special window tinting. It also wears several carbon fiber pieces.

In a nod to gamers, MRT built a real life version of the Forza Motorsport Fiesta ST featured in the upcoming game on the Xbox One. It enjoys chassis and powertrain modifications although Ford hasn’t given specific details yet.

Wearing the most daring body kit of the five shown today, Bojix Design customized a Fiesta ST with big wheel arches, a lowered suspension, special wheels and a coat of gray, black and orange paint. It promises to be potent, too. A straight-shot water-methanol injection system and cat-back exhaust are among the performance-minded mechanical modifications.

Finally, COBB Tuning and Tanner Foust Racing are contributing a Fiesta ST meant as a tribute to the military. It gets a new stereo system, digital camouflage paint and custom powertrain modifications including a cold air intake and revised exhaust.

Next week, Ford will unveil the remainder of the first 28 vehicles in something it calls the “Dreamcase.” They will include a series of Transit Connect Wagons and Transit Connect cargo vans. Of course, there will also be a selection of customized Focus STs, F-150 and Super Duty pickup trucks and a couple of Fusion mid-size sedans.

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