Ford’s 2013 SEMA Cars: Mustang Muscle, Pint-Sized Performance

Ford’s 2013 SEMA Cars: Mustang Muscle, Pint-Sized Performance

Ford is showing off a host of modified models at this year’s annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The massive event kicks off in just a few short weeks and the Blue Oval’s offerings run the gamut from Mustang muscle to pint-sized to performance.

Let’s start on the small end. Without question the Fiesta ST is the most exciting subcompact pocket rocket to come along in years. And Ford is debuting at least five of them at SEMA this year.

FINAL-Fiesta-3dCarbonFirst up is the 3dCarbon model, which features a tastefully subtle body kit. The car receives a new front air dam, special side skirts and a hatch-mounted spoiler, among other upgrades. It’s painted blood red and rides on 19-inch Pinzetti-M Forgiato wheels shod in Pirelli tires.

FINAL-Fiesta-Ice9The 3dCarbon Fiesta ST looks sophisticated and restrained, two words that cannot be used to describe the car built by Ice Nice Group. This custom is wrapped in wild looking vinyl graphics and features blue-tinted windows. Its 17-inch BRAID wheels and Falken tires look like they were ripped off a rally car. Supposedly it’s a full-on race machine designed for “alternative” motorsports but there’s no word as to what’s under the hood.

FINAL-Fiesta-Forza-5Life imitates art… or is it the other way around? The MRT Forza Motorsport 5 Fiesta ST is like something from a video game. It’s bright green with a dark colored hood and roof. On the intake side of the car’s powertrain is a COBB Tuning induction and cooler setup. Spent gasses are expelled through a high-flow stainless-steel exhaust system. Beyond these upgrades it also benefits from an H&R coilover suspension system, a Steeda Autosports adjustable panhard bar and performance brakes.

FINAL-Fiesta-BojixThe Bojix Design Fiesta ST features a custom BASF paint job and a three-inch cat-back exhaust system. It’s also got water-methanol injection for more horsepower and a modified suspension for better handling. What’s not to like?

FINAL-Fiesta-COBBDespite its camouflage paintjob the COBB Tuning/Tanner Foust Racing Ford Fiesta ST does not blend in with the background. It was built as a tribute to the American armed forces. It’s got a three-inch exhaust systems and a cold-air intake package.

FINAL-Focus-PMMoving up one size class is a specially prepared Focus ST created by PM Lifestyle. This slammed-to-the-ground hatchback celebrates SoCal car culture with water-methanol injection under the hood for more power, special 19-inch Rotiform wheels and sticky rubber. Inside it’s got Sparco seats and a five-point racing harness. Saving weight and upping the coolness factor, numerous body panels are constructed of carbon fiber. Coil-over suspension and Willwood brakes ensure it handles and stops as nicely as it looks.

FINAL-Focus-LotusWhat’s this, another Focus ST? Yep, but this one pays homage to Lotus racing; it wears the team’s vintage livery with dark green and bright yellow. Green Filter USA was the firm that modified this vehicle and they went all-out on the authenticity front, even mimicking Lotus exhaust systems with a custom kit. This car rides on 18-inch American Racing Wheels and Falken tires. In addition to the exhaust system a high-performance air intake has been fitted for more oomph, while a Ground Force suspension setup ensures the car has tenacious grip.

FINAL-Focus-DRAGGEven law enforcement gets in on the SEMA action, and the DRAGG-edition Focus ST is concrete evidence. This car was tweaked and tuned by the group Drag Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti, an organization that supposedly uses the automotive industry and its products to help young people. This car features a special rally-themed paint job and unique graphics, but it’s bark is just as loud as its bite. It features a Motegi Racing suspension, special cat-back exhaust system and various Vortech Engineering upgrades to boost power.

FINAL-Focus-Gulf-OilThis striking Fofo is dressed in a vintage Gulf Oil livery from the 1960s and ‘70s; it wears bright blue and contrasting orange. Nineteen-inch Forgestar wheels are painted white and really pop. As for performance upgrades the car gets a custom side exhaust system and a high-flow catalytic converter.

FINAL-Mustang-Yellow-JacketNow it’s time for some Mustang action. The performance fanatics at Vortech Superchargers have created the Yellow Jacket, a ground-pounding pony with serious power. Its 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine has been topped off with a blower, and as a result of this major upgrade it cranks out a nasty 605 horsepower with 473 lb-ft of twist. The supercharger huffs out 7.5 pounds of boost. The car’s also got a carbon-fiber cowl-induction hood as well as other carbon bits.

FINAL-Mustang-HollywoodHollywood Hot Rods Mustang GT Convertible features one really neat upgrade. Unlike the standard rag-top ‘Stang this car’s got a removable, hand-formed aluminum hardtop. Additionally its back end was completely reshaped, something that took more than 150 man-hours of labor (the roof took a whopping 250 to complete!). Under its hood is a familiar 5.0-liter V8 engine that kicks out a monstrous 750 horsepower thanks to the addition of a Whipple supercharger.

FINAL-Mustang-NittoLastly the folks at Nitto have created a one-off Mustang for SEMA. This car is dripping in onyx red paint with jet-black stripes that match its upgraded Willwood brake calipers. A tasteful body kit jazzes the exterior up nicely, as do lightweight three-piece forged wheels. Unlike the preceding ponies this horse is all natural – no forced induction hardware is found under its hood. However, it does feature a new intake manifold, performance twin-bore throttle body and matching air intake to really wake up that big ole V8.

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