GM Online Car Shopping Offered Nationally by Year End

GM Online Car Shopping Offered Nationally by Year End

General Motors will soon expand a program initially launched through about 100 dealers across eight states.

“Shop-Click-Drive” is meant to allow customers to research automobile purchases and arrange them with local dealers before visiting a showroom, or skip the dealer altogether. The Detroit automaker began its program over a year ago and is now preparing to offer it on a national scale, Automotive News reports.

That will mean all 4,300 GM dealers in the U.S. will be able to offer customers the chance to carry out car shopping online rather than going through traditional car-buying channels. While the program offers buyers teh ability to skip visiting the dealer altogether, GM spokesperson Ryndee Carney said only five people have opted to do that so far.

Even with some dealer involvement, the ability to shop online “People still want a relationship,” Carney said.

 [Source: Automotive News]

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  • Doug S

    Come on now. Where is the customers savings? I don’t have a trade and need no financing. I am a cash customer checking out pricing on multiple on line sites. My last vehicle a leftover 2012 retailed for $51K and I purchased on line for $43k. I even arranged delivery for a 700 mile trip. No inspection or test drive. Who was my dealer and sales rep? Landmark Dodge Morrow GA and Mr Professional is Ian.

    This is my next dealership for a msrp vehicle from SRT. A cuda or avenger at full msrp. Yes I could buy from a local Pgh dealership but the ones I visited both in person and on line treated me as if I was an idiot. I am a informed cost conscious customer. I spread my opinions on most car sites and car cruises I attend. I am loyal to those that treat me with professionalism and respect. Landmarks training proved the latter is a success one customer at a time.