Google Applies for Patent on Gesture-Based Car Controls

Google Applies for Patent on Gesture-Based Car Controls

A new patent application by Google reveals that the company is working on motion-based in-car controls.

The California tech giant has apparently filed a patent application for a system that would allow drivers to control their cars through hand motions. Using a ceiling-mounted depth camera and a laser scanner, the user can trigger actions within the car. For example, swiping your hand near the window could roll it down.

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There’s no guarantee that the system will ever make it into a mass market vehicle. Authorities in the U.K. banned drivers from using Google Glass even though the product isn’t commercially available. But the application was filed the day after Google acquired a motion control company, so there’s a chance this could be folded into the futuristic Google car.

[Source: Engadget]

  • smartacus

    What does the Bird Flipping gesture do …when you’re surrounded by bikers?

  • Mike

    That’s all I need is a car that does something when I swat a mosquito.