Honda Small Cars to Play Big Role at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Small Cars to Play Big Role at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda is putting a big emphasis on small vehicles at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The company just announced plans for its booth and the product list ranges from dorky to downright cool.

Of course, the majority of products slated for display are specific to the Japanese market, but that isn’t true across the board. The production-form Fit-based crossover will be among the confirmed guests of honor and that vehicle is expected to be sold in the U.S. Last January, Honda previewed the car in its “Urban Crossover” concept in Detroit. It’s expected to be available to Japanese customers in December with a North American timeline remaining unannounced.02

Honda will also show its NSX sports car concept during the show, although it isn’t clear if the company plans to release any new information about its mid-engined hybrid supercar there. It will be sold as a Honda vehicle in Japan where the Acura brand doesn’t exist. Last January, Acura brought the NSX concept to Detroit to show its interior to the press.

06There’s another sporty concept car in the cards that builds on styling from the EVster. Called the S660 Concept, it is classified as a minicar in Japan and uses a 0.66-liter liter mounted mid-way in the car. So far, Honda only plans to sell the S660 in Japan.

Finally, Honda will debut its N-WGN; the fourth of its N Series  mini-vehicles. Also specific to the Japanese market, it seats four passengers with a longer hood and lower roof than the N Box. Honda will simultaneously be orchestrating a presence at the L.A. Auto Show on the same days

  • Kinetis

    S1500 for North America?

  • Andrew Metzger

    only in japan huh? Man im starting not to like honda anymore. BRZ/ FRS time