Hyundai Car Payments Deferred for Federal Employees

Hyundai Car Payments Deferred for Federal Employees

Federal employees furloughed because of the U.S. government shutdown are getting a little mercy from Hyundai. 

The Korean company is offering affected customers a payment deferral program to ease the blow. The latest addition to the Korean automaker’s Assurance program will defer all auto loan and lease payments during the government shutdown for current Hyundai owners who are furloughed. Furloughed employees who wish to purchase a vehicle this month will be offered a 90-day payment deferral.

It is estimated that over 800,000 workers will not be paid during the shutdown.

“We recognize the impact on family budgets that the furlough will drive,” said John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. “Like we did almost four years ago when we launched Hyundai Assurance, this is our way of saying ‘We’ve got your back’ during this uncertain time.”

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  • smartacus

    WHOAH! where did this bad decision come from??????????????
    Hyundai just picked sides against THOUSANDS of non-government workers.

    Hyundai is helping TEMPORARILY furloughed government workers but not helping thousands of non-government employees right now being PERMANENTLY converted to part-time status as a direct result of the original cause of the shutdown.

    NTM this must hurt non-government workers who bought Hyundais before losing their jobs in these last couple of years. I wonder if any of them got the double whammy of losing their credit rating and losing the car.