Infiniti Considering Four-Door Coupe Flagship

Infiniti Considering Four-Door Coupe Flagship

Infiniti is considering the possibility of offering a four-door coupe that could command high price premiums while setting it apart from other luxury brands. 

If built, it could serve as a flagship model for Infiniti and wouldn’t likely arrive until 2017 at the earliest. The Essence concept, first seen during the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, could serve as the primary styling direction.

Infiniti is striving to become a more globally competitive luxury brand by 2020 and offering a heavily styled flagship will be an important step for the brand. Infinti president Johan de Nysschen also expressed interest in producing a version of the Essence concept earlier this year.

But the brand doesn’t want to field products that will go head-to-head with major German luxury brands.

“We won’t do a Merc S class or that type of car,” Nissan executive Andy Palmer told Automotive News. “We have had that before. We want a flagship car that’s appealing and different.”

Instead, the company plans to offer a series of sporty vehicles all with hybrid powertrains. The Q50 – successor to the G37 sedan – is offered with either a 3.7-liter V6 or a 3.5-liter version mated to a hybrid system. There’s also the M Hybrid, which will be called the Q70 under the brand’s new simplified naming structure.

[Source: Automotive News]

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