Infotainment Issues Going Unreported: Consumer Reports

Infotainment Issues Going Unreported: Consumer Reports

The latest 2013 reliability study from Consumer Reports (CR) revealed once again that many folks are unhappy with their in-car infotainment systems, and the issue may be even bigger than the study suggests. 

After the initial survey results were collected, CR sent a follow-up survey to 10,000 respondents specifically related to infotainment woes to get a clearer picture of what the exact problems are. Once this new set of data was received, CR noticed a trend; younger owners tend to be more specific with their answers than older respondents.

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CR’s director of auto testing, Jake Fisher, suggests that many older folks are not utilizing their systems to the fullest, though they were more likely than young people to describe their infotainment setup as confusing. This means that many problems that may exist are left unreported, as older demographics are less likely to fully explore every feature available to them. On the flip side, the younger respondents gave very specific answers on what is and isn’t working well in their cars.

Infotainment, a term that indicates the packaging of stereo, navigation, bluetooth and other in-car electronics into one interface, has become very important for automakers. In fact, many brand’s reliability ratings suffered or benefited because of in-car electronics.

Ford is on the negative end of infotainment troubles, with its MyFordTouch system almost universally panned across the industry, which has lead to some of its vehicles losing reliability marks. On the other hand, Chrysler has been lauded for its UConnect setup which has contributed to its vehicles receiving positive reliability scores.

[Source: Ward’s Auto]

  • Town Crier

    Infotainment troubles are NOT reliability issues. If you vehicle is not disabled where you cannot drive it, there’s no problem with reliability!!!