Kia Preparing Five Specially Modified Souls for SEMA

Kia Preparing Five Specially Modified Souls for SEMA

It seems like everyone’s getting in on the SEMA action; even Kia is participating in the show. The automaker will reveal five specially modified Souls at the Las Vegas event.

Each one of these cars is inspired by the world of music. The first one the company is teasing is the Vans Warped Tour Soul. According to the press release it’s both youthful and fun. For the time being we’ll have to take their word for it because they’ve only shown one tiny teaser image of the car.

Kia Soul Vans Warped TourSEE ALSO: 2014 Kia Soul Review

Its bodywork is adorned in air-brushed artwork, it rides on 20-inch wheels with low-profile, high-performance tires and, AND, it’s got a slide-out barbecue grille. You can rock out to its Infinity sound system while cooking burgers and bratwurst. Just try to keep the grease spatter off its headliner.

There’s no word what the other special Souls are at this time. Perhaps Kia is working a Yanni edition?

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