Lamborghini, Bentley Issue Recall Over Brake Problems

Lamborghini, Bentley Issue Recall Over Brake Problems

Two high-end vehicle manufacturers, Bentley and Lamborghini, are recalling a bevy of vehicles all of which are fitted with carbon ceramic brakes. 

The issue is with stainless steel screws that attach the lightweight brake rotors onto the metallic hub. These screws are susceptible to corrosion, especially on cars that are driven in cold weather climates.

If one of the screws fails independently, braking power will remain full according to the brands, but if eight or more of the 10 screws fail the cars will experience a “small increase in stopping distance,” which may result in a collision.

From Bentley, affected models include the Continental GT coupe, GT Convertible as well as the Flying Spur limousine. From Lamborghini, the Gallardo and Murcielago in both coupe and roadster form are affected.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently being affected by the US Government shutdown, so this recall is so far unannounced for the US. Once the organization is back up and running, owners in the US will be notified about the recall.

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    And both are owned by Volkswagen…

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