Lexus IS 250 and Infiniti Q50 not Recommend by Consumer Reports

Lexus IS 250 and Infiniti Q50 not Recommend by Consumer Reports

Like it or not Consumer Reports is an extremely influential publication. Buyers pay close attention to the products they recommend, especially when it comes to cars. If a particular vehicle fails to earn the outlet’s accolades you can bet people will shy away. Surprisingly two Japanese luxury sedans failed to make the grade.

Neither the Lexus IS 250 AWD nor the Infiniti Q50 are recommended by Consumer Reports. The Lexus failed because of its lackluster performance in testing while the Infiniti is simply too new.

The magazine’s editors found the IS to be neither “sporty nor luxurious.” They also took issue with its acceleration; they said it “lacks punch.” While far from the fastest vehicle on the road today we found the IS 250’s go-power to be more than adequate, even with the added weight and friction of all-wheel drive.

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The folks at Consumer Reports were also no fans of the car’s “cramped interior,” “vague steering” and “elevated” road noise. Additionally their observed fuel economy was pretty disappointing. The crew managed to squeeze just 21 miles per gallon out of the Lexus. Its EPA rating is 20 in the city and 27 on the highway, making for a combined score of 23.

Overall the Q50 earned a “Very Good” score, better than the IS 250, but again it’s too new to be recommended at this time. Editors thought it was a step back from its all-around great predecessor. They found the handling “mundane” and the interior not very quiet.

More strikes against it, they found the Infiniti’s cabin not particularly luxurious and its infotainment system slow to respond.

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  • greg

    What do you expect from people that review cars without knowing cars. Granted both of these vehicles are not perfect they definitely are great in their own respective ways. In particular I feel their review was done by a staff that is [with all due respect] much older and not a fan nor well versed in the technology that these cars offer, with particular prejudice to the Q50. It drives very nice, is quiet, and quiet high tech, I mean “heller” , what is the problem!?