Many Doggy Seatbelts Deemed Unsafe: Study

Many Doggy Seatbelts Deemed Unsafe: Study

Ever wonder just how safe your pet is in your car? Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety conducted a full study to determine whether or not pet car safety restraints are effective.

The collaborative study between the Japanese automaker and CPS tested the effectiveness of pet harnesses marketed with safety claims. The pet harness study was designed by CPS to mirror the same crash test results used to measure the effectiveness of child safety products.

The results? The crash tests discovered serious flaws in popular pet restraints with many of them resulting in “catastrophic failure.” With no performance standards or test protocols in the U.S. for pet travel products, it’s hard to determine whether or not what you’re using to secure your pet is actually working. CPS is actively working toward publishing a harness standard later this year.

Testing was performed using multiple, specially designed crash test dogs with weights ranging from 25 lbs to 75 lbs. As for what’s the best-performing harness of the tests? Sleepypod’s Clickit Utility Harness was the clear winner, as it was the only harness that consistently kept a dog from launching off of the seat.

“Safety for all passengers, including our pets, is very important to Subaru and to our drivers. Selecting the wrong harness could be just as detrimental as not using one at all,” said Michael McHale, director of communications at Subaru of America, Inc. “Most pet owners don’t know the dangers of not properly harnessing their pet while in the car. With nearly half of Subaru drivers also being dog owners, we want them to be as informed as possible.”

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  • MistyGreen

    Of course, keeping them harnessed is also helpful to minimize distractions and other dangers that don’t relate to an accident. Still, glad someone is testing these!!

  • smartacus

    ha! That’s not a REAL dog in the picture. See, i’m smart and can’t be fooled.