Mazda Engineers Express Desire for RWD Models

Mazda Engineers Express Desire for RWD Models

While Mazda is enjoying plenty of success with its redesigned lineup of front-wheel drive models such as the Mazda3 and Mazda6, the Japanese automaker’s engineers are lobbying for some rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Middle- and senior-ranking engineers are pushing for rear-wheel drive development, saying it would help differentiate Mazda from its competitors. However, the automaker’s management believes it would be too costly to design new architectures to support a rear-wheel drive platform.

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Mazda has enjoyed success with its rear-wheel drive Miata and RX-series models and the Japanese automaker is in a partnership with Alfa Romeo on its next-generation sports car. The Italian automaker however, is still mulling over the benefits of a rear-wheel drive platform.

Given the success that the new Mazda3 and Mazda6 have already enjoyed, it’s unlikely that the automaker will make an all-out switch to enhancing its lineup with rear-wheel drive models. The next-generation MX-5 however will be a good indication of how well Mazda still is with building sports cars.

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  • smartacus

    a badge engineered Alfa Romeo 4C with SkyActiv-Diesel would stir things up.

  • miatamaniac

    The Mazda2 served as a great cheap commuter for me, wife loves her 3Skyactiv, and I’m impressed with the roomier Mazda6 now, but I’m really ready for a Mazda9. They have my loyalty, they just need to make my car. A full-size RWD sedan like the old 929 would be great. Make a “Sport” base model, and leave all the luxo items for folks who want the “Touring” package and I’ll be happy. Make engine options a peppy V6 or a SkyactivD, and please offer a manual.

  • Liberal_Warrior

    Would love to see a Mazda MX RWD coupe, to challenge the BRZ/FRS, and too replace the RX-8, but with a 4-cyl. I’m sorry, but I can’t/won’t do FWD performance vehicles.

  • N2Old

    Let’s put the new rotary in a Miata, light weight and quick reving horsepower…sounds like a match made in autocross heaven vroom- vroom!

  • Greg Huston

    I say keep the Miata a 4stroke engine but put a Turbo on it again! Redesign the RX-8 to be smaller and lighter kind of like Nissan did with the 370z. Maybe even offer an RX-8 with a Turbo again as well, both the FC & FD RX-7s were available with Turbos.