Mazda MX-5 GT Gets Green Light as Kit

Mazda MX-5 GT Gets Green Light as Kit

The Mazda MX-5 GT first seen during the Goodwood Festival of Speed will be available for purchase.

Mazda’s roadster already commands a cult following of drivers who appreciate its low cost, high fun value proposition. The tuned version won’t be offered through Mazda, but rather as a kit to be fitted after production by Jota Sport. The company estimates that including the cost of the car, customers will spend about £30,000, which converts to roughly $48,000 in the U.S.

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For that price, the car gets a revised suspension, sports exhaust and an ECU tweak that increase horsepower from the U.K. spec 2.0-liter four cylinder from 157 hp to 203.

It isn’t clear if the kit will be offered in the U.S. or what the cost would be, although there’s a good chance that it would be less expensive here than there.

GALLERY: Mazda MX-5 GT concept


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  • TheDude

    Way too much $$

  • William T

    How are they possibly going to add 46 HP on an NA car with only an exhaust and ECU tune?

  • Nicklas

    Adding the power isnt a problem, the Duratec is a modern engine that easily reaches 200 with only inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, camshafts and a good tune. This is great!