Mercedes-Benz Developing App for Google Glass Integration

Mercedes-Benz Developing App for Google Glass Integration

It remains to be seen if Google Glass will be a successful product for general consumers, but Mercedes-Benz wants to be ready if it is.

Google Glass, which is currently only available to developers and those that hopped on the early beta-testing offering, is a voice-activated pair of “glasses” that features an interface that displays information on the wearer’s right-hand field of vision. The German automaker has announced that it has developed an app that will integrate the glasses with its vehicle’s navigation system.

Mercedes hopes to allow owners to access the same info in their vehicles that is stored on their smartphones, PCs and other mobile devices whether or not they are driving. As an example, the app will allow drivers to use Google Glass to guide them to their vehicles at which point their destination can be transferred to the vehicle’s navigation system. Once the driver leaves the car, Google Glass takes over again, taking the wearer to the final destination.

According to the German automaker, the app will be available as soon as Google Glass is sold to the general public. It is likely that Mercedes won’t be the only automaker developing apps for Google Glass, since it is essentially using the Android mobile operating system.

[Source: Automotive News]

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