Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Recalled Over Clutch Problem

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Recalled Over Clutch Problem

Mitsubishi is recalling about 10,474 Lancer Evolution over concerns that the clutch master cylinder can fail. 

Only model year 2008 through 2013 vehicles are affected by this issue. If the clutch master cylinder does fail, the affected vehicle may lose the ability to shift into and out of gears, increasing the risk of a collision.

Owners will be notified and Mitsubishi will replace the clutch master cylinder free of charge. For more info, owners may contact Mitsubishi at 1-888-648-7820.

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  • Iron Man

    About time! next up ACD pump

  • rocky


  • Justin

    They post a recall that only affects GSR’s…along with a picture of an MR…

  • Eduardo Villarreal

    Our Evo is only 6 months with about 4989 miles and the dealership is saying our clutch is out…. I don’t think so, that’s got to be part of this recall!