Nissan ZEOD RC Electric Race Car Revealed – Video

Nissan ZEOD RC Electric Race Car Revealed – Video

Nissan has just unveiled its latest racing creation, the ZEOD RC, an all-electric race car that the brand will enter into next year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

The car will be entered into garage 56 at Le Mans, a spot reserved for cars sporting experimental technologies. If all goes according to plan, the ZEOD RC will be the very first car to complete a full lap at Le Mans using only electric power. Nissan says that the ZEOD RC is a test bed for the brands planned future LMP1 entry.

Specifications regarding the car are still mostly unannounced, save for the ZEOD RC’s top speed of 185 mph. It shares its battery technology with the Nissan Leaf and will have regenerative braking along with a small displacement turbocharged engine that can be activated by the driver.

When it comes to design, it appears that Nissan borrowed some ideas from the Delta Wing concept, a race car that the brand’s engineers help to design and build before exiting the project.

The car’s public debut will take place this weekend at the Fuji Speedway in Japan.

GALLERY: Nissan ZEOD RC Race Car


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    So its not ALL electric. It has an engine that charges the batteries. I understand that it has no mechanical linkage from the engine to wheels but its still a false headline.