Rolls-Royce Reveals ‘Ghawwass’ Phantom Coupe

Rolls-Royce Reveals ‘Ghawwass’ Phantom Coupe

In a thoroughly rigorous demonstration of the potential in its bespoke program, Rolls-Royce revealed its one-off “Ghawwass” Phantom Coupe.

Is Rolls-Royce jealous that Pagani has the Hauyra? Or maybe that Maserati is showing its Ghibli? Nope. Ghawwass is an Arabic word that means diver. To Anglophones, it’s still probably as strange to pronounce as “Eyjafjallajökull.” That’s the volcano in Iceland that erupted in 2010, halting air traffic in Europe for days while news anchors tried their best not to mess up an unpronounceable name.


But that’s not the point. Rolls-Royce Abu Dhabi commissioned the car, which is painted to match the Persian Gulf. Pearl veneers and a two-tone tan and blue color scheme characterize the cabin. If that is somehow appealing to you, there are probably plenty of similarly-colored cars being pushed at your local classic car auction.

It isn’t clear if someone plans to buy the car or if it will be kept on display in Abu Dhabi as an example of the brand’s vehicle program.

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  • smartacus

    Ha! The name of the driver is already in it: Ghawdwatnass!