Scion FR-S Sedan on Hold Because of Subaru: Report

Scion FR-S Sedan on Hold Because of Subaru: Report

If Tetsuya Tada had his way, a sedan based on the Scion FR-S would probably be here already.

As the car’s chief engineer, it would make sense to assume that he would wield some influence on the subject. But a new report from Edmunds suggests that Tada’s wishes – and presumably a small army of seconders – will have to wait because Subaru is “dragging its heels on it.”

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Subaru and Toyota co-developed the FR-S and BRZ twins and  the report suggests that the two brands need to work together on derivative models.

Last month, the FR-S was the only Scion model that didn’t see a sales decline. Currently, the Toyota sub-brand sells the FR-S sports car, iQ sub-compact, tC coupe, as well as the xB and xD hatchbacks.

[Source: Edmunds]

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  • smartacus

    yet the iQ lives

  • Alex Jones

    This car doesn’t need a sedan, make a scion tc sedan. that actually makes sense. maybe even a performance TC with AWD. but the FRS is fine the way it is. only way to make to make a better production FR-S is to add a 2.0/2.5 turbo flat 4 variant or a light weight V6/I6 with around 230-260hp.