Second Tesla Model S Fire Reported in Mexico

Second Tesla Model S Fire Reported in Mexico

Another Tesla Model S has caught fire following a crash, bringing up another round of questions regarding the safety of electric cars.

About a month ago, reports came in that a Model S caught fire in Washington after crashing into some road debris which caused a significant amount of damage and pierced through the car’s under body plating and damaged the battery, causing the high-end luxury EV to burn to a crisp. NHTSA is apparently gathering data about the crash in Washington, but it’s unlikely that this recent crash will be investigated as it occurred in Mexico.

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Reports say that this recent fire occurred when the Model S collided into two walls after speeding into a roundabout and then crashed into a tree. The grainy photo above shows the aftermath of the crashes and fire. It’s unclear if these crashes caused enough damage to pierce into the battery and started the fire, like the first accident.

In response to the recent news, a Tesla spokesperson noted that the driver walked away from his injuries from this dangerous accident, highlighting the passenger safety of the vehicle.

[Source: Progresso Hoy]

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  • smartacus

    NHTSA is investigating 15 KIA Sorrento shattered sunroofs. 15! out of all those thousands sold. And you don’t see KIA blaming Fire Rescue procedures. But don’t worry this is just another isolated incident. FYI we’ve all seen the video of a smart car slamming into a concrete barrier at 70MPH. 70MPH…in a smart car…and it didn’t catch fire!

  • smartacus

    *********************NEWS FLASH*******************************
    NHTSA investigating KIA over 15 shattered Sorrento sunroofs

    If Elon Musk worked for KIA he would be blaming FIRE/RESCUE procedures and Jeremy Clarkson and what he calls “bullshit” fuel cell vehicles and climate change before accepting responsibility like a grown-up.