SRT Boss Takes His Viper to Grattan Raceway – Video

SRT Boss Takes His Viper to Grattan Raceway – Video

SRT CEO Ralph Gilles has shared a video of his SRT Viper taking a lap on Michigan’s Grattan Raceway.

Gilles, who was named president and CEO of the Dodge brand in 2009 became president and CEO of SRT Brand and Motorsports in 2011. He is well respected within the automotive industry for not only his passion for fine sports cars, but for walking the walk with them as well. He’s competed in the Viper Cup racing series, Targa Newfoundland and One Lap of America, to name a few.

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In his latest video, Gilles takes his personal SRT Viper out to Grattan Raceway, a two-mile track in Michigan. Posting a 1:22 lap time, Gilles was able to hit 147 mph in the Viper on Grattan’s main straightaway.

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  • smartacus

    Gilles is doing a good job making the Viper look slow

  • Agent007

    That tarmac looks like shit

  • Barney Fife

    I thought the same thing, at least in a couple spots. My friends 03 nissan sentra se-r spec ran a 1.31 as his best lap and would hit 110 on the straight away for comparison sake. (same track)