SRT Viper Sales Slump Prompts Production Slowdown

SRT Viper Sales Slump Prompts Production Slowdown

Sluggish sales of the SRT Viper and growing inventories have caused the American automaker to cut production by a third.

No workers will be laid off as a result of the revised production schedule, with those workers being reassigned to other Chrysler plants in the Detroit area. SRT has been averaging nine Vipers per day, but will cut down production to six units a day. The Viper’s production got off to a late start earlier this year as the automaker worked through achieving internal quality standards sets for the high-performance sports car.

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Sales for the remainder of the year aren’t expected to pick up as the U.S. heads into winter. Ralph Gilles, head of SRT, noted that the Viper tends to sell well in the early spring. Originally, SRT hoped to produce around 2,000 Vipers per year, but admits that the initial figure was very optimistic. During the 2013 model year, 805 Vipers rolled off the assembly line before switching over to the 2014 model year.

Interest in the sports car however remains strong according to Gilles, as Chrysler received 2,000 dealer and customer orders during 2013, including those for 2014 models. However, according to sales statistics, 426 Vipers have been sold in the U.S. since February and another 565 remain unsold in inventory.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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  • BrianB

    4 months ago my dealer manager said they had overpriced the cars and needed to be $20K less to sell….I have to agree with him….

  • smartacus

    Gilles is the one who should be fvcking laid off. Stingray has a waiting list stretching 6 months long so the demand is there.

    Mulally or Akerson would’ve had the Hellcat 6.2 in there as a reasonably priced option months ago.

    This is a disaster and it falls squarely in his lap.

    In a job where you gotta predict the future from a polished crystal ball, Gilles reveals neither clairvoyance nor the ability to feign it at his job.

  • Carla Sanders

    I’ll just parrot what others have said on this issue: The Viper is almost twice the price of a Stingray, with none of the Stingray’s day-to-day driveability and practicality. The Viper gets poor gas mileage and it’s very challenging to drive. With a Stingray, you can conceivably hit 30mpg hwy even your mother would enjoy driving it. The Viper’s cockpit is cramped, uncomfortable, and it gets hot in there………….Let’s face it: the Vette has no real domestic competition. Sure, there are ultra-performance versions of the Stang and Camaro, but those are just pretenders. The Viper could have been that competition. But it failed.

  • Brian

    The Viper doesn’t want to be like a Vette…never did….never will…nor would I ever want it to be. While the new Viper is more of a day-to-day car that previous generation, it still maintains some of its crude heritage which many find attractive….including me! 🙂

  • AwdSleeper

    They’re not selling cuz every dealer is trying to mark them up 25k

  • pdmracing

    I have a 97 Blue & white, When I purchased it it was 10k More than a Vette. Now ith a starting price of 100k+ it has become a gold chain. Problem is, the gold chainers cant drive it without an automatic.

  • Jimmer

    Please show me a dealer selling a Dodge Viper at ~$103,990. There are none, they are all marking them up to $120,000+. The reason this viper is a complete failure is price and price only. The corvette has managed to be a fast attractive (attractive is debatable) car for half the price which has absolutely killed the Viper sales. In a time where people are penny pinching and the economy still sucks, good luck selling a $104+ thousand dollar viper to a large market. When there are faster cars that get better MPG for 1/2 the price it really makes you wonder why is the Viper over $100 grand? It is easy to see why this was a complete failure.

  • Westley DaMan

    Like everyone else has either said or hinted at. Why would you buy a viper when a vet (now just as wild looking, albeit a different wild) can smoke it in every performance category. Then through it the outrageous price and I am surprised they sell any at all. Now not to mention all the other cars that are close or the same price that can compete or beat it