Subaru’s EyeSight Adds New Tech, Enhanced Features

Subaru’s EyeSight Adds New Tech, Enhanced Features

Subaru‘s EyeSight system is entering its second generation with additional functionality and driver-assistance technologies.

The stereoscopic camera-based system, which is available on the 2013 Legacy and Outback as well as the 2014 Forester, features adaptive cruise control, pre-collision automatic braking, collision warning and lane-departure warning. The EyeSight system utilizes a pair of cameras (pictured) to monitor what’s in front of the vehicle with a crude form of depth perception and object recognition.

For its second-generation model, Subaru has given the system the ability to see color while enhancing its viewing angle and distance by 40 percent. That means the EyeSight system will be able to recognize brake lights and traffic light signals, aiding the adaptive-cruise control system to brake sooner by picking up those colors. New features to the second-generation EyeSight system also include an “Active Lane Keep” system that will actively steer the vehicle to keep it within the lane.

The new EyeSight will go on sale in Japan next year. The Japanese automaker has not yet announced when it will reach the U.S., but it should only be a matter of time.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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