Tesla Model S Becomes Best-Selling Car in Norway

Tesla Model S Becomes Best-Selling Car in Norway

Norway has a heart-on for the Tesla Model S like no other place in the world.

Last month, the high-end electric sedan became the country’s best-selling car. The Model S pushed Volkswagen’s Golf down to second place with a 4.6 percent market share to Tesla’s 5.1. People are even paying premiums for a used Model S to avoid a five-month waiting period, Reuters reports. In fact, some Norwegians are paying as much as an extra $20,000 to skip the line.

Electric cars are especially popular in the country because of generous subsidies, free parking, express lane access and government-provided chargers.

The car commands a hefty price premium over what Tesla sells its base Model S for in the U.S. Here, the vehicle starts at just over $71,000, but that price rises to around $110,000 or more. Private sellers are frequently asking as much as $130,000.

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[Source: Reuters]

  • smartacus

    That’s a lot of money for some free parking and express lane access. ROI overrated?

    Their electric grid is saying Thank God we’re an oil nation and not a solar energy nation.

  • Kyle

    Their electricity is 99+% hydroelectric. They are an oil nation, but it is all exported.

  • smartacus

    And when it doesn’t rain enough, or when it’s too frozen for too long; they turn to coal burning Denmark for help.

    If their hydroelectric system can’t provide a nation of only 4.5Million people, and if something were to happen to Denmark’s coal burning plants…their grid will be thanking God they’re at least an oil nation and not a solar energy nation.

  • bubbs

    *electric cars…* You’re doing it wrong…

  • DrewBach

    It’s late but I thought you might want to know to Norway’s hydropower is dam and lake based. It’s not based on rain as much as snow melting on mountains. We’ve been hydropowered for the last century; there’s no end to that power… Denmark is just a backup and vice versa.