Tesla Superchargers Installed from California to BC

Tesla Superchargers Installed from California to BC

Tesla Model S owners have an all-new route to travel, from Vancouver to San Diego, thanks to a network of superchargers that is now complete.

The network runs along U.S. Highway 101 and Interstate 5 connecting key west coast cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

Superchargers allow Model S owners to regain half of a charge in 20 minutes, and 80 percent of a charge in 40 minutes. For a full charge, the car will need to sit for 75 minutes, which will allow the 80 kWh Model S to travel 265 miles according to the EPA. A full charge in the 60 kWH Model S is good for 208 miles says the EPA.

All superchargers are free of charge for Tesla owners, though buyers who opt for the 60 kWh model will have to pay an additional $2,000 from the factory for supercharger compatibility. Cars with the 85 kWh battery are supercharger-ready from purchase.

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