Top 10 Best Selling Luxury Cars in America

Top 10 Best Selling Luxury Cars in America

1. BMW 3 Series / 4 Series - 77,921 units

And at the top of our list, and probably no surprise if you keep your eyes out on the road, is the BMW 3 Series. And since sales of the 4 Series has barely begun, we also decided to group the sales figures to make it a level playing field. Starting off its lineup is the 320i that has a base MSRP of $33,675. Under the hood is the German automaker’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 180 hp and can get up to 36 mpg on the highway. What undoubtedly helps make the 3 Series so popular is the plethora of engine options available to buyers, ranging from the 240-hp 328i to the 300-hp 335i.

VIDEO: 2013 BMW 328i Review

  • smartacus

    How about the 600SUX with a Blaupunkt?

  • ryan

    Jason Siu…
    Less than HALF the cars on the list are from Germany? What’s the point of that comment? German’s make 4 cars and 2 of them are on the list. I don’t think your statement makes sense.

  • Honest Abe

    Are you saying all of Germany only makes 4 cars? What are you trying to say?

  • Guest

    huh? I’m responding to a comment from the author who makes a point that ONLY 2 german cars were on the list. read the article.

  • ryan

    Read the article, he said it. only 2 german cars made the list he said. SO? 1 bmw and 1 mercedes leaving audi and volkswagen. SO?

  • Honest Abe

    It seems like he’s saying that of the 10 cars on the list, less than half (4 of them) are from Germany? Make sense?

  • toni

    The thing is this list says these are the best “selling” cars. Not necessarily the “Best” cars. All this is saying is that we here in America are more focused on brand name than anything else.

  • 85ZingoGTR

    Pretty much why the bean counters over at Acura can get away with dumbing down their cars and being way behind in content because they know there will be idiots that will buy their cars for nothing more than the badge.

  • Derek Barr

    I’ve never known anyone to buy an Acura just because it was an Acura – I have known people to buy them because they are reliable. Personally, I don’t consider Acura a “luxury” brand – “Premium” is more like it.

  • rudy

    Although BMW really does make “the ultimate driving machine”.