Top 10 Cars That Should Come With a Stick But Don’t

Top 10 Cars That Should Come With a Stick But Don’t

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If it’s not a diesel-powered, rear-wheel-drive station wagon with a manual transmission, it’s not worth considering, let alone buying.

If the world’s motoring press ran things that’s exactly what we’d all have parked in our garages. And while oil-burning grocery-getters do offer a compelling combination of function and fun, they don’t appeal to everyday Americans like they do to automotive journalists.

Normal drivers don’t necessarily appreciate the benefits of wagons and they may be oblivious to modern diesels, but one thing they certainly don’t want anything to do with is an “old-fashioned” standard transmission. The stick shift has been dying a slow death for decades, raped by technology and pillaged by a minuscule take rate. Once the current Gallardo bows out, Lamborghini won’t even offer one. Ferrari already doesn’t.

Engineers have relentlessly improved the now-ubiquitous slushbox, adding more gears, extra software and even multiple clutches for instantaneous shifts. They’ve succeeded masterfully in their mission because as disheartening as it is to car enthusiasts, many automatics are faster, smoother and, yes, even more fuel efficient than their manual counterparts.

But still, some cars are made for stick shifts the way cinnamon buns are built for icing. You can’t have something like a Mazda Miata without a manual. Well, you can, but you’re missing the point if you opt for a self-shifter. Unfortunately automakers just don’t get it. They build great products, some of which SCREAM at the top of their cylinders for standard-shift transmissions. Here are the Top 10 cars that should come with manuals but don’t.

  • Fadil Mazrekaj

    ich Schaven Cadillac Elgat kareseri Sport Velge tekniesch Berymt immer weir

  • the only people that can afford those cars are in their retirement age…and they manual is not one of their priority. the marketing people knows this

  • Cadillac is a dying breath of a turd.

  • Robert

    Judging by your photo in your avatar, you’ll probably die first from morbid obesity!

  • Kinetis

    The scion iQ and Acura TSX Wagon are affordable. I think the manufacturers don’t want ham fisted shifters ruining their beautiful engines.

  • Carla Sanders

    Wayne, I think Caddy is doing ok (if only because Bimmer has insane prices that have turned off even hardcore Bimmer fans). It’s Lincoln that’s dying.

  • F U also

  • Robby G

    Cadillac is doing awesome right now. Sales keep going up and the products are world class.

  • Shiratori1

    One of the most pretentious, elitist, and idiotic boy racer articles that I have ever seen. FAIL!!!

  • Robert

    Oh, please! Put down the fork and get to a gym!

  • OllieProphet

    Article was spot on. Every good car can be made more fun to drive by the simple application of a manual transmission. Gas mileage and 0-60 aside, it just feels better to be part of the shifting decision, and the shifable ATs (I have two european versions…) don’t cut it. When it comes to economy cars, it is just criminal not to offer the more reliable and cheaper to repair MT. Shame on GM for not offering the MT in the new diesel Cruz. What were they thinking, especially when they have an MT on other models. It can’t be that much to certify a different configuration….
    PS- the Caddies are ridiculous. They look like an 8 year old designed them for a Bat Man comic book….

  • OllieProphet

    Ugly, overpriced plastic made by a company stolen from shareholders and given to socialist-leaning, union thugs by a communist-inspired president. Fail!, i.e. the GM Cadillac is not an automobile of my choosing, due to design inadequacies and institutional flaws.

  • AL

    This makes me wonder, did Cadillac EVER offer a stick shift on any of its cars? I can’t name a single one! The Allante? Nope. The lovely Seville from 1990? Nope. The insanely powerful CTSV? Still a flat no. If they offered it, I’d probably be driving a Cadillac now.

  • ColumWood

    You can get a six-speed manual in the CTS-V, coupe and sedan!

  • Dave Metcalf

    I think the Nissan GT-R should have a manual version. It is not right not to be able to shift with a clutch…