Top 10 Craziest Paint Colors Available Today

Top 10 Craziest Paint Colors Available Today

10. Tangerine Orange Pearl — Subaru XV Crosstrek

Subaru is known for many things, but wild design and bright colors are not the company’s calling cards. They’re perfectly happy pushing a sensible agenda full of things like long-term quality and advanced all-wheel drive. Still, this history hasn’t prevented the Japanese automaker from dipping a toe in the vivid end of the color wheel.

The company’s XV Crosstrek is a compact utility based on the trustworthy Impreza small car. Like just about every other Subaru (we’re looking at you BRZ) it comes standard with all-wheel drive meaning it’s ready for just about any type of weather, nasty or not.

This vehicle’s signature color is called Tangerine Orange Pearl, a suitably bright and youthful shade that looks like it was inspired by a McDonald’s dining room. But unlike a Happy Meal this fun product lacks lean, finely textured beef and a week’s worth of dietary sodium.

  • Shannon Hummell

    You forgot the wild colours that the 2014 mitsubishi mirage is available in
    like plasma purple, kiwi green and sapphire blue!

  • MistyGreen

    What?! No Plum Crazy? Come on…

  • JustMe

    Agree! that’s a bit crazier than Header Orange

  • Bart

    You should have read the paragraph with the Header Orange, it also states PCP.

  • Nelson

    Too bad most folks will never give themslves permission to have such a vehicle. Time was it was a big deal to have a driver license and a car to drive. When you got around to having your own car you wanted something that got people to look. Then you dressed it up with nice wheels and anything else that made it stand out. Now people want to drive black/gray/white cars with big rims and dark glass and expect others to be impressed.