Top 10 Craziest Paint Colors Available Today

Top 10 Craziest Paint Colors Available Today

6. Citrus Peel Pearl — Dodge Dart

Get your daily dose of vitamin C and ward off the deleterious effects of scurvy with a brand-new Dodge Dart! That’s right; you can commute to work or drive to a weekend ballgame in efficient comfort thanks to Chrysler’s best-ever small car.

Higher-trim levels of this C-Segment sedan can be painted in a bright-yellow color called Citrus Peel Pearl. In a way this finish makes the Dart look like a lemon rind, though hopefully with fewer undesirable bumps.

The company has been pretty gutsy with this car’s color palette. They offer a wide variety of exuberant hues, from the light and lovely Laguna Blue to muscle-car inspired Header Orange.

  • Shannon Hummell

    You forgot the wild colours that the 2014 mitsubishi mirage is available in
    like plasma purple, kiwi green and sapphire blue!

  • MistyGreen

    What?! No Plum Crazy? Come on…

  • JustMe

    Agree! that’s a bit crazier than Header Orange

  • Bart

    You should have read the paragraph with the Header Orange, it also states PCP.

  • Nelson

    Too bad most folks will never give themslves permission to have such a vehicle. Time was it was a big deal to have a driver license and a car to drive. When you got around to having your own car you wanted something that got people to look. Then you dressed it up with nice wheels and anything else that made it stand out. Now people want to drive black/gray/white cars with big rims and dark glass and expect others to be impressed.