Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

10. Avoid Excessive Idling

This suggestion goes without saying. Run the engine less and burn less fuel, it’s a simple one-to-one idea. Waiting for your kids at the bus stop? Rather than idling just to power the radio click it over to accessory mode. Stuck in a long line at the bank drive through? Try switching the car off to save a few precious drops. Every little bit helps.

Vehicles with start/stop systems build on this idea by killing the engine when you’re halted and seamlessly (usually) restarting it when forward movement is called for once again. If you’re shopping for a new ride, see if you can get one with this technology; it can dramatically improve efficiency in heavy traffic and urban conditions.

  • Transpower

    All of these suggestions are well-known to most car buffs. I recommend adding 5 psi additional to your car manufacturer’s tire pressure spec, because you lose pressure over many months between check-ups. I also recommend replacing your OEM filter with the appropriate one from K & N.