Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

9. Run the Appropriate Grade of Fuel

Like riding the bus, following directions is practically unpatriotic. If you do, the terrorists could win. Americans are pioneer cowboys, red-white-and-blue rebels that don’t take kindly to being told what to do. Still, as hard as it is, doing as instructed can be beneficial and it can save you money when it’s time to fill ‘er up.

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Running the appropriate grade of fuel is important. If your car calls for regular gasoline, pricey premium isn’t going to do you any good; it just costs more. Likewise, if your vehicle requires something with 93 octane you’re better off ponying up and putting it in. If you don’t it could lead to internal engine damage. To maximize your savings follow manufacturer fuel recommendations.

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    All of these suggestions are well-known to most car buffs. I recommend adding 5 psi additional to your car manufacturer’s tire pressure spec, because you lose pressure over many months between check-ups. I also recommend replacing your OEM filter with the appropriate one from K & N.