Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

5. Change the Oil

Fresh oil is critical to the efficient operation of an internal-combustion engine. Crankcase lubricant is probably the hardest working fluid in an automobile. It’s tasked with cutting friction, cooling internal components, keeping the engine clean and protecting against corrosion, to name but a handful of its duties.

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If you go too long between oil changes the lubricant can thicken and become harder to pump, something that hampers efficient motoring. Additionally, that lackadaisical attitude can cause a host of other problems. Sludge can build up, friction and wear can accelerate and that’s not all. You could be staring down the barrel of a catastrophic mechanical failure. Change the oil according manufacturer recommendations and your vehicle will reward you with faithful service and better economy.

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    All of these suggestions are well-known to most car buffs. I recommend adding 5 psi additional to your car manufacturer’s tire pressure spec, because you lose pressure over many months between check-ups. I also recommend replacing your OEM filter with the appropriate one from K & N.