Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

4. Slow Down!

What’s the rush? Late for a wedding? Is your husband in labor? Speeding along on the highway can consume fuel in a big way. Remember the national 55 mile-an-hour limit? Neither do I, but it’s a nightmare scenario we all pray doesn’t return.

Despite how frustrating that “double nickel” limit was the logic behind it is sound. Fuel mileage typically falls off a cliff at speeds faster than 50 MPH. Driving more slowly can dramatically increase your miles per gallon. Give yourself a little extra time, save a lot at the gas station.

  • Transpower

    All of these suggestions are well-known to most car buffs. I recommend adding 5 psi additional to your car manufacturer’s tire pressure spec, because you lose pressure over many months between check-ups. I also recommend replacing your OEM filter with the appropriate one from K & N.