Virginia Tech Hopes to Clone VIR’s Fallen Oak Tree

Virginia Tech Hopes to Clone VIR’s Fallen Oak Tree

During the summer, the infamous Oak Tree at Virginia International Raceway fell, broken at the base.

After standing for over 200 years at the famous track, the giant oak tree is missed by the community and racing enthusiasts at VIR. The track’s management is hoping to clone the fallen tree with help from Virginia Tech’s Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR).

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“To be able to honor the grand old oak tree in such a historic and innovative way is really special for us,” said Connie Nyholm, the track’s owner and CEO. “We’re so grateful to the IALR for helping us with this, and we’re excited to be able to share the cloned tree with VIR fans. Nothing will replace the old tree, but this will serve as a great tribute to it.”

If the project succeeds, the cloned saplings from the oak tree will be made available for fans to plant wherever they wish. In addition, the team at VIR is updating its facility ahead of next year’s race season. The track will be entirely repaved and certain sections will be widened as the United Sports Car Series will be heading to VIR in 2014.