Volvo C70 Axed, Successor Planned

Volvo C70 Axed, Successor Planned

At the end of 2013, Volvo will stop building the C70 Convertible, though the brand already has plans for a successor. 

According to, a successor based on the Volvo Concept Coupe will arrive as soon as possible, though it may not be that soon at all. “The Coupe Concept car, we can put that into production and it will have an exposure on the brand,” VP of product strategy and vehicle line management Lex Kerssemakers told Drive. “But at the end it’s the cream on the cake and at the end you need the cake first before you put the cream on it.”

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Volvo still has a bevy of other products that need to be introduced before the brand can focus on a new convertible model. Besides, the C70 never sold all that well, so from a business standpoint Volvo surely isn’t in a rush.

When asked if there will be a C70 successor based on the Concept Coupe, Volvo’s CEO said, “eventually yes … as soon as possible.”

[Source: Drive]

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