Volvo Working to Cut the Cord for Electric Vehicles

Volvo Working to Cut the Cord for Electric Vehicles
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Volvo is part of an advanced research project that’s exploring inductive charging for electric vehicles. What does that mean? One word: wireless.

This technology uses an electromagnetic field instead of cords or wires, which means an EV’s batteries can be topped off without having to plug it into a charger or wall socket. Simply park the car over a special base station and like some kind of black-magic voodoo the rest happens on its own.

Various small electronic devices have used this technology for years, things like battery-powered toothbrushes and more recently cell phones. It’s interesting to see it make the leap to automotive applications.

Researchers said the convenience of wireless charging could help improve the acceptance of electric vehicles, which to date haven’t really taken off. The Volvo C30 used for testing in this project can be fully charged in just two-and-a-half hours.

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