White Continues to be Most Popular Car Color

White Continues to be Most Popular Car Color

White paint continues to increase in popularity and is once again the most common color for new vehicles.

Increasing three percent this year, exactly one quarter of all new cars will be painted white in 2013 according to the latest report by the global paint experts at PPG Industries. Helping grow white’s lead, it is also the number one paint choice in the Asia Pacific market, making up slightly more than the global average at 26 percent of vehicles sold there.

Second place is a tie between silver and black which both represent 18 percent of the market, followed by gray, red, “natural hues”, blue and green, all of which maintained their popularity in the annual PPG study.

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“While white continues to be the most dominant choice in car color, we see growth in the variety of whites being offered to consumers,” said Jane E. Harrington, PPG manager, color styling, automotive OEM coatings. “Car manufacturers are seeking ways to create variations of white, silver, black and gray that are specific to their brands and that complement different vehicle types. Distinct effects such as micas, glass flakes, fine bright aluminum and hue-shifting pigments help them achieve this.”

According to PPG data and market analysis, Harrington expects to see growth in the number of blue cars being offered in 2014.