Women Prefer Men Who Drive Hybrids, EVs: Survey

Women Prefer Men Who Drive Hybrids, EVs: Survey

The days of women being attracted to men behind the wheels of sporty Porsches and luxurious BMWs could be coming to an end, according to a recent survey.

2,000 women in the UK were asked how they felt about men behind the wheel of certain vehicle makes and models, with numerous women finding Prius and Leaf owners as “conscientious, intelligent, and safe” drivers. On the other hand, men with expensive sports cars were viewed as arrogant, self-centered and a danger on the roads.

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In fact, 53 percent of the women surveyed by motors.co.uk said male owners of expensive sports cars are seen as arrogant. Now do women in America feel the same? It’s hard to say, as no data has yet to prove the point. But it’s a sign of changing times and that hybrid and electric vehicles are no longer just oddities on the road, in fact, they’re sexy to some women.

[Source: Hybrid Cars]

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  • Carlo

    This is the FB and social networks generation, who prefer an electric car (or not driving at all) than a Porsche.

  • whateverdude

    Tampons on wheels indeed.

  • Transpower

    So how about a Porsche Panamera S -E Hybrid or a Macan S -E Hybrid? Best of both worlds!