20 Percent of Americans Would Buy Autonomous Cars: Study

20 Percent of Americans Would Buy Autonomous Cars: Study

A survey conducted by CarInsurance.com suggests that 20 percent of drivers would prefer to have their cars take over on their daily commutes.

In addition, more than a third would be “very likely” to purchase self-driving cars if their vehicle insurance rate was reduced by 80 percent. 90 percent of those surveyed said they would at least consider the idea if it resulted in an insurance price drop.

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But autonomous vehicles still have a long way to go before winning trust in today’s consumers. Of those surveyed, 64 percent believed that computers aren’t able to make the same quality of decisions that human beings do while 75 percent believed they could drive a car better than a computer could. Most importantly, 75 percent responded that they would not trust a self-driving car to take their children to school.

Those surveyed were also asked what companies they trusted the most to deliver autonomous vehicle technology, with automakers topping the list with 54 percent. Google, which has been testing its driverless cars for quite some time now, only garnered 15 percent of the votes.