2013 Ford Escape Recalled Fourth, Fifth Time for Fires

2013 Ford Escape Recalled Fourth, Fifth Time for Fires

Ford issued two new recalls related to the 2013 Escape today, marking the fourth and fifth call back to address fire problems since its introduction.

In the U.S. almost 140,000 Escapes from the 2013 model year equipped with 1.6-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engines fall under the recall. NHTSA documents show that Ford began the campaign because of new reports about engine fires.

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The company says overheating of the engine cylinder head may cause cracks, leading to oil leaks and a fire. So far, 13 fires have been reported in connection to the defect and so far, there haven’t been any injuries reported.

Ford is also bundling almost 9,500 of those Escapes in another recall that requires the vehicles to be inspected  to prevent a fuel leak that could also cause a fire. Globally, the first recall affects 161,344 units while the smaller recall covers 11,821.

Owners with affected vehicles will be notified in late January to bring their vehicle in to a Ford dealer for “enhancements to the engine shielding, cooling and control systems made to their vehicles.”

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