Five-Point Inspection: Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports

Five-Point Inspection: Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports

Not to be Taken Auris-lly

In North America Toyota is known for a couple signature vehicles. Over the decades they’ve sold legions of Camrys and more Prius hybrids than you might expect. Beyond these core products the company also offers a host of other models, from the full-size Tundra pickup truck to the FJ Cruiser sport utility.

But just because the company sells one particular nameplate in America doesn’t necessarily mean it offers that vehicle in other markets around the world, and vice versa. Drivers in Europe can purchase a Toyota Proace commercial van; we can’t do that. However, they’re denied access to the comfortable and stylish Avalon premium sedan.

You say potato I say kartoffel; you say tomato, I say томат. American motorists have access to the Corolla, a high-quality if devastatingly dull car. On the other hand certain European customers can opt for a surrogate of sorts: the C-Segment Auris. How does this compact car compare to segment leaders on this side of the Atlantic? We took a hybrid version of the “Touring Sports” model for a brief spin to find out.

  • Transpower

    Looks like a hybrid Venza. The EPA mpg will probably be about 40 or so here. I wish Toyota would come out with a Prius SUV.