Five-Point Inspection: Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports

Five-Point Inspection: Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports

1. Auris 101

Vanilla, chocolate and twist, the Auris is offered in a few different flavors. It’s available as either a hatchback or a station wagon (the Touring Sports version); beyond that there are some interesting options under the hood.

Adding sprinkles and hot fudge, several different powertrains are available. Drivers can go the conventional internal-combustion route by opting for either a gasoline or diesel engine, but in typical Toyota fashion they can also nab one with a fuel-efficient hybrid drivetrain.

Again, this amped-up auto targets the European market, which is the only region it’s sold in. Surprisingly it’s built in the UK; evidently the Brits produce more than just funny accents and TV shows.

  • Transpower

    Looks like a hybrid Venza. The EPA mpg will probably be about 40 or so here. I wish Toyota would come out with a Prius SUV.