Five-Point Inspection: Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports

Five-Point Inspection: Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports

4. The Drive

The electrified Auris wagon drives pretty well for a hybrid family car. It stays reasonably planted during evasive maneuvers or sharp corners. Overall it feels composed if not terribly sporty.

Its drivetrain is a massive improvement over the unit powering Toyota’s Yaris Hybrid, which feels like it was developed during the Stone Age. Additionally, the Auris absolutely slaughters the deplorable Yaris when it comes to dynamics; it’s worlds better than its little brother.

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The car’s 136 available ponies do their best to provide decent acceleration and for the most part they accomplish this. The romp from zero to 60 mph takes right around 11.2 seconds. While far from blistering it’s perfectly adequate for everyday driving, though we’d advise against racing for pink slips.

When you put the Auris in motion it’s perfectly capable of moving, but that’s not where this car was designed to shine; it’s meant to haul people and packages, not ass. Accordingly it’s got a decent rear seat and a positively massive cargo bay. At first glance it’s deceptively large for a C-Segment vehicle.

  • Transpower

    Looks like a hybrid Venza. The EPA mpg will probably be about 40 or so here. I wish Toyota would come out with a Prius SUV.