2014 Lexus RC Coupe: First Look Video, 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

2014 Lexus RC Coupe: First Look Video, 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

Lexus is jumping back into the coupe market segment with the Lexus RC, which was officially unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Two models were on display at Tokyo, one featuring a hybrid setup using a 2.5L four-cylinder engine, while the other model sports the tried-and-true 3.5L V6 engine found in other Lexus vehicles. Lexus was sure to point out that the vehicle will be available with the 8-speed automatic transmission found in the F-Sport equipped Lexus IS.

The Lexus RC Coupe certainly is an eye catching vehicle, following up on the new Lexus design language that was first seen on the new Lexus IS Sedan. The interior carries the same theme, it looks quite similar to what’s in the Lexus IS. While it might look similar to the smaller sports sedan, the RC is actually based on the Lexus GS.

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  • Koala Jake Kemp

    Looks more like a 7th gen celica.

  • Koala Jake Kemp

    Way beige it up Lexus

  • Shiratori1

    Yeah, not really (but thanks for trolling, moron).

  • Shiratori1


  • Koala Jake Kemp

    Troll? It’s my opinion. Look at the latest Celica

  • e30_man

    How is it trolling if one states ones opinion, lighten up Shiratori1.

  • Alfie

    Looks a bit much from the front, but the back end is awesome. And, as always, awesome video guys!