2014 Volvo XC90 Aces IIHS Crash Tests

2014 Volvo XC90 Aces IIHS Crash Tests

Volvo is known for being at the forefront of car safety, so the latest report from the IIHS should come as no surprise.

After a thorough beat-down on the XC90 in the name of crash testing, the IIHS awarded the luxury crossover with a Top Safety Pick Plus rating.

The tests also concluded that the XC90 was a solid performer during rigorous small overlap crash test, which simulates a car hitting a tree or utility pole.

This small overlap test is forcing some automakers to hit the drawing board in order to score highly on the test, but Volvo didn’t have any need. The IIHS points out that this XC90 is using the same basic platform since 2003.

Watch the video of the crash below.

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  • Danielus

    the ten year old volvo xc90 managed better than much newer cars from Audi, bmw, toyota and many other car manufacturers. Even though this car is 10 years old there are still cars that are 1 year old and fail at this test. You got to give volvo some credits for this

  • lalo

    There is a problem with this test.Some cars just shrug off the barrier.This Volvo,Fusion etc
    The A pilar was not properly testet.If the test wasn’t so small we would have seen a different result. Stil for a car that old its a nice result.

  • Peter

    Your are not reading the test results right. The reasons why some cars shrug on the barrier is because of ther structural design. The crash structures in those cars are build to deflect the crash energy byt deflecting the car to the side, instead of letting the driver take the hit. They are reinforced along the side of the fron together with the fron to create a diagnol defence, thereby deflecting the car. Other car manufacters that doesen´t have this are letting their cars take the whole crash head on, resulting in a collapsing car and serious injureys to the driver.
    But the most interesting here is that this proves that Volvo are building cars for real safety and not for good results in crash tests. Pick any 12 year old car and do the same, they will collapse. Just google when active whiplash protection became standars in Volvo compares to other manufacters.