2015 Chevrolet Colorado Manual Transmission Confirmed

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Manual Transmission Confirmed

Chevrolet has confirmed that it will offer a manual transmission in its upcoming Colorado midsize truck, though it will be limited to specific models. 

A stick shift can be had solely on two-wheel drive extended cab WT-trimmed trucks, and will only be linked up to the four-cylinder engine. A GM spokesman says that the truck will be targeted towards fleet sales, an obvious decision considering that the manual Colorado will likely be the cheapest, most efficient version of the truck available.

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All other models will be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. A 3.6-liter gas engine or a 2.8-liter Duramax diesel are also offered in the Colorado, though the diesel won’t arrive until one year after the truck launches in fall of 2014.

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  • Dr Louis Choquette

    This is great news. The more I hear about the new Colorado, the more I like it. My hope is
    the diesel engine will also have a manual transmission option as well.

  • USF1fan

    Glad to see a manual trans…a show-stopper for me, but why not in the crew cab? Or why not in the diesel? Give us performance minded family guys something to buy. All the paddle shifters and gizmos don’t satisfy like driving a manual. Nissan and Toyota have it in their high end trucks.

  • K5King

    Manual, diesel, regular cab and 8 foot box WT and I would replace my fleet.

  • Tacoma TRD V6+Manual

    MANUAL TRANS+DIESEL PLEASE…get a clue Chevy!!! I’d switch from my Tacoma in a second!

  • Jason24

    I was seriously considering getting one of these if they had a manual option, but don’t want the basic package. Guess I’m getting a Jeep now…

  • Mike

    If it does not have a manual transmission option with diesel and 4×4, I am not interested.

  • b50776

    literally everyone I know or have asked EVER who has a truck would switch instantly if GM would offer a no frills or BS 4×4 diesel with a manual. Myself included!

  • Joe

    I lost interest when GM chose not to offer a manual transmission on the bigger engine. I want the crew cab short box…guess I’m out of luck.

  • RickT

    Been thinking (for a few years)of downsizing from my 06 Ford F150 long bed, was considering the Tacoma, then the new Colorado came out, except for TWO things. They WILL NOT offer a standard trans with the diesel, AND are only offering the two door extended cab to fleet sales. Guess I’m gonna buy a Tacoma. GET A CLUE GM!!