2015 Chevrolet Colorado Teased Beside its Siblings

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Teased Beside its Siblings

It might be smaller than the rest, but it’s going to be important in a big way for General Motors when the new Chevrolet Colorado is unveiled in Los Angeles next week.

Chevrolet Colorado_Teaaser 2 (1)Expected to serve more as a “lifestyle” truck than a purpose-built workhorse, the Colorado will come with an optional Duramax turbocharged diesel four-cylinder engine. Based on what General Motors offers in the global Colorado, it will either by a 2.5- or 2.8-liter powerplant, although the larger option would probably prove to be more palatable to U.S. buyers expecting more power.

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In other markets, the 2.8 produces 180 hp and 346 lb-ft of torque. Those numbers are likely to change a little for North America because emissions regulations will force the company to make modifications to meet U.S. pollution requirements. Expect it to come with a six-speed automatic. Previous reports suggest GM plans to launch the Colorado and its GMC Canyon counterpart in the fall of 2014 with the diesel version coming sometime in 2015.

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  • John Kane

    Put the diesel in 2014!

  • Willy

    The diesel is going to be a low-volume seller for this model. 10% would be a whopping success. Don’t be surprised when GM prices it somewhere near the entry level for a half-ton.

  • David Allan Cole

    Not if it get’s 30+ MPG??

  • Matthew Grills

    They are about 20 years too late and no one has intro’d a V6 NA diesel yet in anything. A simple, efficient, economical engine to power the 1/2 ton crowd.