2015 Chevy Colorado: Five Things You Should Know

2015 Chevy Colorado: Five Things You Should Know

Colorado Shows Promise in a Stale Segment

Chevrolet introduced an all-new Colorado midsize pickup truck at the 2013 L.A. Auto Show, bringing the first new truck to the segment in some time.

The current king of midsizers, the Toyota Tacoma, is a solid offering in the small truck segment, but it hasn’t received any major improvements for years and is starting to feel dated. Same goes for the Nissan Frontier.

And while the Colorado should be able to outsell both of these trucks on its modern design and interior alone, it remains to be seen whether or not the market place for midsize pickups is big enough to support another player.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that Chevy is banking on to sell the new 2015 Colorado.

  • LLOYD.

    now they got it rite…way to go GM,,,

  • Jeffrey McCollum

    The truck is good and been on the market in most of the world for 2 years. America won’t get all the engine choices that are available and there are a few more modern trucks out there, but it does seem like a good one, just not sure it the “Rite” one

  • haha

    looks like both these truckers can’t spell

  • SS1500

    I noticed there is no blue for exterior color. Is there going to be a regular cab? How much H.P for the 6 cy?

  • M

    Was interested in the diesel uniting I read it will be made in Thailand. No thanks.

  • john

    There is a laser blue color available and the V6 puts out 302HP

  • Danny

    When will I be able to purchase this truck in Florida?

  • john

    Never GM announced that Florida will not receive this new truck.

  • alex


  • Barry

    THAILAND!? What is that country’s track record for this type of manufacturing? Any estimates on MPG with 4W in the various engine and trim combinations? And has GM figured out that stupid low tire pressure warning light?

  • Doink

    That’s stupid you idiot.