2015 Chevy Colorado Outfitted with Beach Gear for LA

2015 Chevy Colorado Outfitted with Beach Gear for LA

Showing off the “lifestyle” roots of its new midzise pickup, Chevrolet brought a 2015 Colorado to the L.A. Auto Show outfitted with all sorts of beach specific goodies. 

No mechanical mods have been made to this truck, which is more about demonstrating what kind of add-ons can be stuck in the bed. In this case, a large set of racking is fit that holds surf boards, large LED lighting, first-aid gear and even a stretcher. A special paint job is added for good measure.

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GM plans on marketing this truck more to the outdoor enthusiast than construction worker, and this concept is tailored to show how a surfer, or lifeguard, could make use of the Colorado.

GALLERY: 2015 Chevy Colorado Beach Patrol


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